Monday, August 17, 2009


Fischerspooner's ODYSSEY was the phenomenological focus of my episode of LONGPLAYA on Pirate Cat Radio.

Here's the MP3: DJ Prefect on Odyssey (2 hours)

The LONGPLAYA challenge: make listeners feel even a SHRED of what you feel when you listen to an album in its entirety.

I broke it up song by song, playing one at a time and preceding each and/or following it up with commentary, using the Fischerspooner "emerge" remixes (and a few Drew Neumann cuts from Aeon Flux soundtracks) for background music.

As I stated a few times, I really don't care much about the Author. I focused on my own readings of each song as "image". However, at the end of the album there's an interview with Fischerspooner I quoted off
“We tracked ‘All We Are,’ and he was obsessed with the first line of the song: ‘The breaking light,’” Spooner says. “Literally, he made me sing that line for probably about three days. He kicked everyone out of the studio, turned all the lights off, and I was in a tiny little booth just like a glass box. I can't tell you how many hours I spent in a tiny glass box by myself — a hot, tiny, weird, little glass box. It was just like I was caged. It was literally like, ‘The breaking light.’ ‘No, the ‘breeeak’ needs to turn on the beat.’ ‘Okay, the breaking light.’ ‘No, that's not it; it needs to be a little bit more crackly.’ ‘The bre-ee-eeaking light.’ ‘No, too shaky.’ ‘The breeeeaking light.’ ‘Too long!’ ‘Thebreakinglight.’ ‘Too fast.’ ‘The breaking light.’ ‘Too — no, a little pitchy.’ ‘The breaking —’ I mean, on and on and looping and looping and looping. Finally, he just gave up. He was like, ‘Well, I guess that's the best you can do.’ And then, I went out to get some stuff for a Christmas party, and I came back, and he had muted all of my takes, and he was changing the entire song. And I was just like, ‘What am I doing here? This sucks.’”

The first 10 minutes contain some science news from Science Daily.


The Peopling Of The Americas: Genetic Ancestry Influences Health, Anthropologist Says

'Cash For Clunkers' Program Is Expensive Way To Cut Carbon Emissions, Expert Argues

Facial Expressions Show Cultural Limitations, Too

Cultural Evolution Continues Throughout Life, Mathematical Models Show


Flock of Seagulls / I Ran
Carl Douglas / Kung Fu Fighting
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Moguai Mix) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / Just Let Go / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Dave Clarke remix) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / Cloud / Odyssey
Drew Neumann / Dictator's Office / Eye Spy
Fischerspooner / Never Win / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Moguai Mix) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / A Kick in the Teeth / Odyssey
Drew Neumann / Time Pretzel Paradox / Eye Spy
Fischerspooner / Everything to Gain / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Radio Slave Edit) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / We Need a War / Odyssey
Drew Neumann / Demigods / Eye Spy
Fischerspooner / Get Confused / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Naughty's Chiefrocker remix) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / Wednesday / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Radio Slave Edit) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / Happy / Odyssey
Drew Neumann / Demigods / Eye Spy
Fischerspooner / Ritz 107 / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Emerge (Moguai Mix) / Emerge Remixes
Fischerspooner / All We Are / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / [Circle] / Odyssey
Fischerspooner / Just Let Go (Tommie Sunshine mix) / Just Let Go Remixes

And now, a 3-panel Dilbert cartoon performs an argument for memetics.


Anonymous said...

Interesting album. Your commentary was excellent -- including the tangents. I don't listen to music that much... when I do it is generally to change my mood or fill the time or keep myself alert while driving. Clearly for you music is something much more passionate and personal. It was facinating hearing the depth of your musical experience and analysis of the lyrical meanings. I bought "Cloud" to add to my iPhone/iPod.

I really like the direction this blog is taking: linking to recordings, linking to the SCIENCE news articles discussed, and providing a playlist. There are two things I think would make it even better though.

First, making the playlist songs links to a place to buy/download them (ideally iTunes) or the CD on amazon or the various pages you found lyrics (or all three) would engage readers more. You could even generate some commission income by being an amazon or iTunes affiliate.

Second, this blog would be more timeless if the link to the podcast went to your own archived version. The place PCR puts podcasts (nerdnetworks) only stores them for 5 weeks, then deletes them. I assume you've been keeping copies of all your shows.

Anyway, I hope you'll do that show again sometime with another album that influenced and moved you.

It was fitting that DJPrefect's show was immediately followed by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio drama.

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