Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'll Muralize Ya!

On Friday, October 16 2009, 10pm to midnight, DJ Prefect entertained a radio audience of self-professed geeknerds by having Josh Myer in the studio to talk about his wonderful Muralizer project, newly revitalized due to recent sloughing off of cumbersome day job.

Listen to it as a Pirate Cat Radio podcast. (2 hours, ~90 MB)

Muralizer is "a robot that prints on walls".

Currently in a phase of highly functional prototyping, Josh is looking for community funding to drive further development of this promising Open Source, free-as-in-speech nexus of art, mathematics, and science.

Josh plans to use to drive this community funding, much like our September guest on Common Threads, Jerry Paffendorf (inch-vest! $1 per inch in Detroit!) Donation levels may result in rewards such as being the first to receive a kit; getting the poster of your choice printed out by the first public release of Muralizer; and forcing Josh to get a tattoo of a nine-gon (or nonagon) on his forearm, forever branding him as the Euclidian math nerd he truly is.

He intends to produce kits for DIYers everywhere and possibly a few higher-priced neatly-assembled versions for the well-to-do artist-on-the-go.

We talk about all this and more in the podcast!

But first, as always, a bit of science news (with background music by Stereolab):

Scientists Give Flies False Memories [ScienceDaily] (see also the following Monday's show with neuroscientist Mo Costandi where we explore this experiment in much greater detail)

Human Epigenome Mapped [ScienceAlert] (see also "Definition of Epigenetics Clarified"... which may help elucidate the confusion we had in our discussion in this podcast)

Time-Travelling Higgs-Boson Particle Sabotages the LHC (No, really) [New Scientist]


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