Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Friday Apocalypse Series begins!

Just got confirmation from both Dr Kirsten Sanford of This Week in Science and Brian Malow, the Science Comedian, that they are on board for the first Friday Apocalypse discussion series. Woo hoo!

The first event happens on May 22nd -- that's less than 2 weeks away.

Excitement! Will post Facebook event soon.


chuckmoulton on May 23, 2009 at 2:01 AM said...

Amazing show! I picked up a lot of interesting factoids I didn't know before.

Particularly intriguing were Dr. Kiki's observation that there are more bacteria than actual human cells in the body and your story about Greek men who adapted to be resistent to malaria, but had to trade off seasonal craziness cured only by a certain kind of beans (I'm sure I got some of those details wrong). I would like to read the literature on that phenomenon, if you could point me in the right direction.

A more well known example of such an adaptation is sickle cell anemia, which was advantageous because it gave resistence to malaria, but also results in a gaggle of blood complications which drastically shorten lifespan. And on the subject of bottled water vs. tapwater, an interesting though somewhat off-topic finding is that those who drink tapwater have far less tooth decay (because flouride is usually added to tapwater, but not to bottled water).

In future shows you may want to monitor the Ustream chatroom associated with the stream. Several people were there, though the discussion was mostly limited to the later solved audio issues. If you had been there actively soliciting questions I think it would have been more active because it is easier to use than Twitter (the downside is lack of archives). Anyway, I told people to just listen to the radio webcast, then let them know when the ustream audio was working. Btw, the radio webcast has a 10 second delay over the Ustream.

My biggest suggestion for future shows though is for you to be in the Ustream shot during the program. You use a lot of expressive faces when you talk and the passion in your body language would complement your radio voice. I did like your few visual cameos though... especially the dancing during setup.

I'm looking forward to the next show!

nthmost on May 24, 2009 at 2:26 PM said...

Awesome, thanks for the feedback.

We learned a lot from that show... writing a post about it now.

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