Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pirates Take This Week in Science

On Sept 16, 2009, DJ Prefect (that's me!) co-hosted This Week in Science while regular host Dr Kiki was on vacation.

Go download this episode off their website!

This Week in Science, hosted by Kirsten Sanford PhD and Justin Jackson, is a weekly 1-hour science broadcast based out of Davis (via KDVS) and podcasted around the world. Listenership is regularly in the tens of thousands, and that's just what they know from podcast downloads -- to say nothing of radio and direct stream tune-ins.

I had an excellent time, regretting only how slow my brain was at 8am after an hour of driving out from Oakland to Davis. And Kiki's commute is longer than that, and she does it every week, and comes out sounding wicked smart. FEAR THIS WOMAN.

[will flesh this part out with the articles I brought in... later]

I've been working like mad on several time-and-mind-consuming projects. Exciting and fun! But OMG tired!

Another piratical takeover attempt is scheduled for this Friday at 11:59pm, for a 2-hour hijacking of Psionic Dehiscence. I'll be bringing eager radio greenhorn Enki on to talk some science, some apocalypse, and some seasteading... Tune in then!


nthmost on September 21, 2009 at 3:26 PM said...

Well that's interesting. I just got RT'd by @GreatDismal...

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